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Mary Monroe's Lonely Heart, Deadly Heart series is a page-turning tale of seduction and shocking surprises, as two unhappy women fulfill their every erotic dream - and find a desire that kills...

As teenagers, best friends Lola Poole and Joan Procter concocted a scheme to escape their boredom, pass the time between boyfriends - and bring in some money. It all started when they got in the habit of corresponding with lonely, unsuspecting - and generous - older men. In return for their "love letters," the teens were rewarded with checks. The fun only ended when their swindle nearly got them killed. Now they're grown, but they're still longing for every woman's dream of love and excitement...

Joan is unhappily married, while Lola is done with putting her life on hold for her selfish relatives' demands. As girls they were looking for money, but as women they have other needs they want satisfied. And thanks to online dating and a parade of lovers, they're getting all the sexy fun they missed out on. It's a downright addictive game. But games can't last forever - and someone has to lose...

A Lonely Heart, Deadly Heart Novel

Gonna Lay Down My Burdens Red Light Wives In Sheep's Clothing Deliver Me From Evil She Had It Coming The Company We Keep Family of Lies Bad Blood

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God Don't Like Ugly God Still Don't Like Ugly God Don't Play God Ain't Blind God Ain't Through Yet God Don't Make No Mistakes

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The Upper Room

Mama Ruby

Lost Daughters

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Borrow Trouble


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