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New York Times - Bestselling Author
Mary Monroe

God Don't Like Series ~ Mama Ruby's Series ~ A Lonely Heart, Deadly Heart Series ~ Dramas




Remembrance - Coming September 2018

In this moving, unforgettable novel from New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe, a successful, happily married mother suddenly finds herself feeling far from joyful. But Christmas brings an unexpected chance to rediscover herself, and what happiness really means . . .

For Beatrice Powell, the holidays are usually an extra-special time to celebrate. Between her twenty-year-plus marriage, gorgeous Berkeley, California, home, and three wonderful adult children, she has everything she could desire. But change-of-life doubts are making Beatrice a stranger to herself and her bewildered family. She only finds peace volunteering at the local soup kitchen, especially helping out homeless Charles Davenport. And his sensitivity and honesty soon comfort her in ways she never imagined . . .

Charles thought he had it all—until a devastating betrayal and the shattering loss of his family drove him to living on the streets. Beatrice is the first person who’s truly cared about him in a long time. And little by little, he’s finding reasons to care about rebuilding his life—and risking a sudden, courageous choice . . .

Drawn to Charles and the temptation of a second chance, Beatrice is faced with the hardest of decisions. But his insight, secrets—and the reminder of a profound past encounter—will give her unexpected inspiration, gratitude, and the strength she needs to find her way—perhaps in time for Christmas.




New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe returns to the 1930s era of her acclaimed novel The Upper Room with a dazzling portrait of two very different couples whose friendship and fast times are no match for shattering betrayal . . .

A solid marriage, a thriving business, and the esteem of their close-knit Alabama community—Joyce and Odell Watson have every reason to count their blessings. Their marriage has given well-off Joyce a chance at the family she’s always wanted—and granted Odell a once-in-a-lifetime shot to escape grinding poverty. But all that respectability and status comes at a cost. Just once, Joyce and Odell want to break loose and taste life’s wild side, without consequences . . .

When their new neighbors turn out to be high-steppin’ bootleggers Milton and Yvonne Hamilton, the Watsons plunge headlong into good times and fast living. For Joyce, Yvonne is someone she can show off to—and look down on. And Odell won't introduce crude, unsophisticated Milton to his friends—but is happy to let Milton ply him with free booze.

As much as the Watsons want to get along with their new neighbors, the gradual revelations of Yvonne and Milton’s seedy past make them think twice about how much time they spend together. But the Hamiltons won’t be dismissed so easily. The Watsons soon find them invading every area of their lives and discovering their long-held secrets. Now, the Watsons must tread carefully to keep the Hamiltons from destroying their perfect world . . .

From One House Over

“A nice couple moved in the house next door this morning and they’re just a few years younger than us. I already went over and introduced myself, and they seem like the kind of people that like to have fun,” Joyce said, grinning.

“Where did they move here from?”

“They’ve lived right here in Branson all their lives. But on the lower south side.” Joyce dropped her voice to almost a whisper, like she was afraid the new neighbors could hear what she was fixing to say about them. “Uh, the only thing is, they’re bootleggers.”

“Hmmm. Most of the bootleggers I ever knew was well up in age and couldn’t find no other way to make money. Oh well,” Odell said, shaking his head. “Whatever our new neighbors do, it’s their business.”

“I feel the same way. They seem like nice enough people and I still can’t wait to get to know them. But I don’t know just how close we should get to bootleggers. Most of the ones I know are real shady and rowdy.”

“Well, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Unless they do or say something to offend us or make us feel unsafe, we’ll do all we can to make them feel welcome.”

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New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe delivers her most surprising and thought-provoking novel yet in this riveting tale of family loyalty, betrayal, and sweet revenge...

For Seth Garrett, there's no such thing as too rich or too beautiful. His family taught him that anything less than the best simply isn't an option. Now he's out to prove he can be the most successful Garrett-and Rachel McNeal fits the bill. She's pretty, hard-working, good in bed-and willing to finance his dreams. He thinks she's perfect wife material-until he meets her relatives and discovers they're far from perfect. No problem, Seth's got a truly flawless replacement lined up to give him the good life he's entitled to...

Steady and sensible, Rachel always believed the best about people. She thought Seth was the man of her dreams. But she can deal with the hurt and move on. Until she discovers the true reason Seth dumped her-and just how deep his contempt for her runs. She's done forgiving, much less forgetting. And taking his world apart piece by piece is only the beginning of her long-game payback...

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New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe weaves a stunning portrait of a family immersed in deceit . . .and the women whose happiness depends on the secrets they keep. . .

After growing up poor in Texas, Vera Lomax used every gold-digging trick in the book to land a rich husband. Now living in the lap of luxury in San Francisco, her only job is to fawn over her much-older husband, so it's been easy for her to balance a life of shopping and affairs with younger men with a major secret: the sixteen-year bribery of one of her husband's mistresses to keep her pregnancy under wraps. Vera figures that a little hush money every month will ensure her husband's fortune is hers alone. . .

Unfortunately for Vera, Sarah Cooper is the child Kenneth Lomax always wanted. When the father she never knew shows up at her mother's funeral to claim her, it's a fairy tale journey from the ghetto to a mansion on a hill. But Sarah's life is not as carefree as her father wants it to be . . .because Sarah knows from the start that her step-mother is as two-faced as they come. And after losing all the family she's ever known, she wants a life that's richer than what Vera's got planned for her. Neither woman can be sure who will win Kenneth's heart and fortune. But as Vera and Sarah scheme to get what they want, everyone they know will be choosing sides, taking chances, and gambling it all to come out on top. . .

Praise for the novels of Mary Monroe

"Once again, Monroe displays her gift as a marvel with this sensational novel." --RT Book Reviews on Lost Daughters

"Reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston, but the story has a bizarre, violent edge a la Stephen King. . .a candid portrayal of the cold-blooded yet fascinating Mama Ruby." --Publishers Weekly on The Upper Room

"Monroe's style, like her characters, is no-holds-barred earthy. . .. Monroe's characters deal with their situations with a weary worldliness and fatalism that reveal their vulnerability as well as their flaws." --Booklist on Mama Ruby

"Another witty and wise installment to her God series. . .If this raunchy and rambunctious book is any indication, Monroe's series has a lot of life left in it." --Publishers Weekly on God Ain't Through Yet

"A fast-paced, sexy, tense story that will make readers think twice before getting tangled up in an affair." -- Booklist on God Ain't Blind

"Readers are left on edge. . .Monroe once again skillfully delivers a crafty story wrapped around a host of heartwarming characters battling everyday struggles and obstacles, even as she entertains readers with spurts of unexpected comedy and tragedy." --Library Journal on God Don't Play

"A highly satisfying page-turner--and one that will stand out." --Publishers Weekly on God Don't Like Ugly

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After years of living under Mama Ruby’s commanding presence, Maureen Montgomery is finally taking charge of her own life. With her beautiful teenage daughter, Loretta, by her side, she returns to Florida after Mama Ruby’s death and settles into a routine that any other woman would consider bland. But for Maureen and her older brother Virgil, who grew up with Mama Ruby’s hair-trigger temper and murderous ways, bland is good.

But Loretta has other ideas. Set on becoming rich and famous, she convinces Maureen to let her start a modeling career. And Loretta thinks Miami photographer Melvin Ross is just the man to make her a star. But even with Mel by their side, taking Maureen and Loretta’s lives in new directions, they can’t escape Mama Ruby. Neither can Virgil, who’s concealed one of Mama Ruby’s most shocking acts for most of his life…and is now living with the guilt of his deceit.

Yet, as much as Virgil knows, he could never imagine the depth of Mama Ruby’s yearning for her daughter, or how much Maureen wants her own daughter to feel free to live on her own terms. For them, Mama Ruby will never die…and it’s not until Maureen takes on a bit of Mama Ruby’s strength to face down the past and forge new bonds that she’s able to make a future that is truly hers.

“Reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston, but the story has a bizarre, violent edge a la Stephen King…a candid portrayal of the cold-blooded yet fascinating Mama Ruby.” —Publishers Weekly on The Upper Room

“Magnificent, coarse, funny and terrifying.” —The San Francisco Chronicle on The Upper Room

“Warm, energetic, and charming.” —The Houston Post on The Upper Room

“Monroe’s literary canvas is painted with broad strokes, with verve and humor and passion.” —Christian Science Monitor on The Upper Room

“Mama Ruby fans, this is The Upper Room prequel you’ve been waiting for!” —RT Book Reviews on Mama Ruby

“Monroe’s style, like her characters, is no-holds-barred earthy…. Monroe’s characters deal with their situations with a weary worldliness and fatalism that reveal their vulnerability as well as their flaws.” —Booklist on Mama Ruby

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Indie Bound



Gorgeous, successful executive Teri Stewart spends her days working for L.A.’s hottest record company—and her nights all alone. Her best friend Nicole is determined to find Teri a man, but she hasn’t had much luck...because Teri wants more than Mr. Maybe. She’s holding out for Mr. Right and won’t settle for anything less. Just when Teri is ready to give up, a man from her past returns to reignite their romance. With his sultry smile and easy-going charm, radio DJ Harrison Starr is one-of-a kind—and Teri can’t deny she’s fallen hard for him again.

With her life finally falling into place, Teri thinks her dreams might come true after all. But Harrison may have a secret that could change everything…

Indie Bound


Dolores Reese is married to two different men at the same time in two different cities and loving it until her jealous best friend spills the beans.

From the moment Dolores Reese met Floyd Watson, she knew with certainty that she and Floyd were soul mates. So when one bad decision sends and innocent Floyd to prison for life, Dolores pays clandestine visits and promises to stick by him - no matter what.

While Floyd's world stands still, Dolores builds a life with Paul, a man who promises her the kind of future she's always wanted. Dolores is sure she can continue to visit Floyd without revealing that she's also married to another man. With her best friend Valerie as her confidante and accomplice, Dolores hopes to pull off the ultimate deception, but if she isn't careful, she just might find out what happens when love, dishonesty, and dangerous jealousy collide...

Indie Bound



A beautiful, resourceful woman is caught in a high-stakes game of money, sex and betrayal—all in the name of a better future… Christine Thurman had the perfect marriage. A girl from the wrong side of the tracks, she made good by marrying Jesse Ray Thurman and helping him build a business worth millions. Together, they were the perfect couple—attractive, successful, and deeply in love. Christine was convinced she’d spend the rest of her life by her handsome husband’s side.

But twelve years later, J.R. has become obsessed with building his video store empire and is taking his wife for granted. Feeling trapped and alone in a dead-end marriage, Christine finds herself tempted by her old haunts and the people she thought she left behind long ago. Suddenly, without J.R. even realizing it, their seemingly unshakeable bond has started fraying at the seams—and Christine will do anything to break free.

Enter Wade Eddie Fisher, a bad boy with good looks from Christine’s past. Wade left their hometown long ago to follow his Hollywood dreams, but now he’s back, penniless, and as tempting as ever. Even though Wade is far from dependable, he offers Christine something she can’t seem to resist. Soon she’s immersed in a sultry affair, and before she knows it, she’s concocted a scheme so risky that it promises to deliver everything she could possibly want—or shatter the lives of everyone close to her…


“Nightmare in Paradise” by Mary Monroe

Good-looking and as dutiful a wife as she is a devoted friend, reserved and respectful Renee Webb always does the right thing. So when she gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let her hair down on a Caribbean vacation with her uninhibited friend Inez, Renee is more than ready to let go. But the sun-splashed isle of Paraiso is not what it seems, and Renee finds out that doing the wrong thing—a sizzling night of pleasure with a sexy stranger—might cost her more than she ever imagined…

“Bad Luck Shadow” by Victor McGlothin

Bad luck’s been shadowing handsome Baltimore Floyd ever since he hopped a train out of New York City. On the run from some of Harlem’s baddest hitmen, Baltimore’s luck takes a turn for the worse after he murders a big-time white businessman and gets thrown off the train in Kansas City. Alone and on the lam, Baltimore’s got only one shot to get out alive—the biggest heist in KC’s history. Lucky for him, Henry Taylor’s got his back, and he’ll have to use every trick he knows to save Baltimore from going down for good…


In this exciting and suspenseful new novel from acclaimed bestselling author Mary Monroe, one restless young woman thinks she’s found a free ride to happiness and adventure. But it’s a trip that may land her in prison—or worse…

Twenty-eight-year-old Trudy Bell has never been outside her home state of California, never worked anywhere but the family liquor store—and, for the past decade, never been with any man other than James Young. Now her over-protective, emotionally manipulative father has persuaded her to commit to James and get engaged. But despite the dull, hardworking lifestyle she and James have in common, their ideas of happiness are worlds apart.

Facing a future of cooking, cleaning, and unsatisfying sex with a husband who spends his evenings slumped in front of the TV leaves Trudy deeply depressed. Maybe because of her matronly appearance, she has never attracted, or had the confidence to go after, the passionate relationships and experiences she craves. But with a few months of singlehood left, Trudy decides to make some changes—starting with a new job.

When Trudy lands a secretarial position at a travel agency, she feels like a new woman. And her warm, friendly personality soon wins her the adoration of her colleagues—with one exception. Ann Oliver is a high-level manager and the only other African American employee. She’s also an extravagant snob who despises the low-income black experience Trudy represents—especially when their white co-workers get the two of them confused. But Trudy keeps her cool. No one is going to ruin her new life. In fact, she’s found a way to make it even better. As the secretary who processes the agency’s bills, Trudy has easy access to company credit cards—including Ann’s.

At first, Trudy’s deception involves a few high-priced lunches—but it soon expands to include cash advances, a dramatic makeover, and weekend “business trips” to exotic locations. And when Ann suddenly resigns, Trudy’s spree goes to the next level. Now she’s leading a glamorous double-life—Ann’s life—complete with a secret apartment where she entertains the men she meets at upscale bars. But their worlds collide the night Trudy brings home the wrong man—one who has an angry score to settle. With Ann. Now, unless Trudy can convince him she’s not the woman he’s after, she may pay the highest price of all…


Monroe casts her eye on six extremely different women—haughty and humble, beautiful and plain, young and not-so-young, black, white, Latina, and origins unknown. Lula Mae, Ester, Megan, Rosalee, Helen and Rockelle are “colleagues”—in the world’s oldest profession—and despite their surface differences, all have a gift for laughing in the face of hardship. “Managed” by Clyde, who calls the women his “wives,” they do what wives are expected to do—take care of him, not to mention his young daughter, Keisha, but see no way out. That is until one day, a daring act of defiance changes everything.

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